Apple HomePod Smart Speaker

HomePod Smart Speaker Amazon’s Echo smart speaker has a new competitor, the HomePod. Apple brings this 2nd generation with a new design from 100 percent recycled materials. This new version of the HomePod comes with audio enhancements and new smart home capabilities, including temperature and humidity sensors and the ability to notify the user when they hear a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm.

Apple has kept the aesthetic firmly attached to the original design.

There will be two colors white and gray wrapped in cloth, with an acoustically transparent mesh that curves gently around the speaker. Apple says the fabric itself is 100 percent recycl, and the power cord  woven. At the top, there is a backlit touch panel. Unlike the first generation HomePod, on the 2nd generation HomePod the entire surface is illuminat, not just the circle in the center. Different animations will appear while Siri is listening and responding, while taps and touches will work when playing and pausing music.

Inside, there’s a specially engineered high-excursion woofer, which Apple says can drive the speaker diaphragm up to a full 20mm. There are also five tweeters, using beamforming to direct the sound and bass-EQ mics. The new HomePod uses sound reflections from surrounding surfaces, whether walls or other objects, so it can adjust its music settings in real-time.

The kitchen itself

powered by the Apple S7 chipset, supports Spatial Audio with one HomePod or a pair connected wirelessly. Users can also connect it wirelessly to Apple TV 4K, for TV and movie audio. Siri can then  used to control the Apple TV 4K hands-free. Features like multi-room audio are also controll by Siri, which will respond to the “Hey Siri” wake word, but it’s also possible to hand off iPhone audio using Ultra Wideband to a nearby HomePod. This can include music, podcasts, and phone calls.

Meanwhile, Find My on HomePod can us when the device  lost and can  found with voice commands. Further, the HomePod also functions as a HomeKit hub, but also has Matter support now. The HomePod’s microphone can listen for emergency sounds like a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector, and request alert notifications on iPhone. Apple has also added temperature and humidity sensors, so those factors can trigger HomeKit automation.

Siri can speak, which complemented by background sounds such as ocean, forest, and rain. There’s also a new confirmation tone indicating Siri has act on instructions for a device that isn’t visible. For example in another room, a cupboard or one that shows no sign of change. Like a heater that’s turn on.