Artesian Builds may have crashed and burned but its former

Phynix PC might be a new company on the PC building scene but the people running it have been around the block. The company is made up of some of the 50 or so employees laid off by the now infamous Artesian Builds, a boutique PC builder that closed in March this year, and later filed for bankruptcy (opens in new tab), in the wake of a damning exchange with a streamer (opens in new tab). Now one of Phynix PC’s first acts is to offer ex-customers of Artesian Builds something the now defunct company is unable to: a PC.

We knew that we could have success by putting our hearts and souls back into PC building.

Phynix PC

Hailing from North Carolina—where Artesian Builds previously ran one of its two US-based sites—Phynix PC only very recently opened its books to customers in March. Since then, it’s gradually built up a small following on social media, employing many familiar tactics as its previous employer, including live streams of customer orders and a handful of PC giveaways.