Friday Fragments | Confessions of a Community College Dean

It’s college ranking season again. It’s the time of year when I manage to believe two things at once: the U.S. News rankings are ridiculous, and Williams beating Amherst is right and proper.

Tim Burke’s reflections on college rankings are

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New Trial Ordered for Ex-Coach in Admissions Scandal

U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani on Thursday ordered a new trial for a former University of Southern California water polo coach convicted of accepting bribes to assure the admission of some applicants, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Jovan Vavic, the

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Exploring Alternative Methodologies for the Best

The U.S. News Best Undergraduate Teaching rankings are out.

Anyone wishing to draw conclusions about the relative quality of teaching across colleges and universities might want to spend a few seconds (that’s all it will take) checking out the methodology

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We’re in a Moment: Making Community College Tuition-Free

Q: Chris, I reached out to you after reading your blog post, “Free Tuition Could Solve Community College Enrollment Woes,” at the New America blog. Why do you think free tuition is a solution?

A: The skyrocketing cost of college

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About Those Rankings | Just Visiting

I am not an employee of Inside Higher Ed and have precisely zero influence of what appears on its virtual pages – with the obvious exception of this blog – but nonetheless, I felt a little frisson of pride when

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