An Optimal Wagner-Fischer Algorithm For Approximate Strings

The Levenshtein distance is an efficient metric widely applied to evaluate the similarity between literal strings and other 1D sets. In this article, the optimal Wagner-Fischer algorithm for the Levenshtein distance computation and its implementation, are thoroughly discussed, by an … Read More

Why SW developers should write their own backup app and how

We live in comfortable times with real time backups to the cloud. But what will you do if the cloud service provider kicks you out or a virus deletes the data you collected all your life ? Write your own … Read More

rxcg: A Simple Text Matcher C Code Generator for IoT

Create a file with regular expressions in it, feed it to this tool, and presto! – you have instant, dependency free C code you can use to match said expression from any input stream.


Update: Generates more compact code

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Go Ahead And Cheat! You Know You Want To!

This is a quick .NET project to solve the Wordle puzzle in minutes, not days! It was created to learn a little more C#, and play around with .NET controls. This Form1 is the epitome of lazy, because cheaters are … Read More

Build NFT Collection Web3 Application with Hardhat and React

This article creates a NFT contract and also builds a React client to load NFT collection, mint NFT and withdraw.


In this article, I’ll show you how to create a NFT contract, and how to build a React Web3

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