Company Policies That Will Help Lower Computer Repair Costs

A lot of small enterprises expend a substantial amount of money trying to keep their computer systems working. Usually we are called in due to virus troubles and operating system concerns that are caused by staff members browsing the internet and looking at email and other personal activities that cause the computer system to get corrupted and worse. Some staff install any and all programs on their computer systems. The price tag to get things operating once again could be in the hundreds of dollars. We often times have to backup all of the data and reformat the personal computer to fix it appropriately.

That may be not the conclusion of it though. The programs must be reinstalled. More often than not that involves Anti Virus, Microsoft Office, Quickbooks and more. It has to have printers setup and mapped drives, system connections, connecting to domains and email restored and set up. It will require time which costs money.

I strongly recommend an organization. Tips and hints to consider:

  • Installing software applications which are not accepted are forbidden.
  • Internet browsing is for business functions only, not personalized browsing.
  • Staff must be taught to stay away from opening emails from unknown sources and ignore opening attachments which are not requested or expected.
  • Downloading applications or anything else is forbidden.
  • Private email will not be looked at on the business computer.
  • Examining company email should be limited to business pursuits only.

An alternative good idea will be to provide your worker with another computer to be used for checking their private emails and a lot more. It won’t have a company purpose so that if it is corrupted it is very easily reformatted and ready to use again.

Are you aware that huge corporations setup their computers so that employees are not able to install programs, access email etc. They have costly computer software that could do all of that. Frequently the PCs at large companies may have 2 or 3 applications installed and that is all it does. Many small companies have 20 programs installed plus more. They’re even more complicated and more difficult to bring back to their prior state when problems occur.

A correctly configured web filter could be used to prevent access to the internet except for those website the worker needs to access in order to complete their task. This minimizes the undesired browsing or checking private email. Also a good antivirus and firewall program is important.