I became a bee tycoon in this survival city builder, then

I’ve played a few medieval survival city builders before, and the one I’m playing now is from the makers of apocalyptic fantasy action-RPG Grim Dawn. So I feel like I’m not being pessimistic, only practical, when one of the first things I tell my citizens to build in my little town is a graveyard.

It turns out to be the right move. Farthest Frontier doesn’t take its time putting my little peasants in mortal danger: They’ve only just started hammering together their first building, the town hall, when one of them is attacked by a wolf. I’m pleased to see they’re a tough group, quickly swarming the predator and killing it, but that’s just the beginning of the threats. In the opening months of the game a heat wave rolls in, followed by a harsh winter that threatens to freeze them if I don’t chop enough firewood. One of the first few crude shelters I build catches fire, and they have to quickly scoop water from the new well, built only moments ago, to douse it.