movr partners with Physmodo to build full-service movement

Physmodo’s computer vision assessment now integrates with movr’s recommendation engine to offer an end-to-end movement health service

VANCOUVER, BC, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – movr (, a leading movement health company, announced today a new partnership with Physmodo (, a computer vision platform that quantifies human movement. Physmodo’s computer vision assessment now integrates with movr’s recommendation engine to offer an end-to-end service of movement health screens, exercise prescriptions and personalized insights. The Physmodo app, powered by movr’s recommendation engine, can be downloaded for iOS devices with Android coming soon.

By capturing how a body is moving in its environment, movr and Physmodo can create unique movement profiles and effectively personalize solutions to address MSK dysfunction and optimize physical health. Physmodo is approaching 1 million unique user screens, demonstrating the scalability of the platform.

“We have been working with Andrew and the Physmodo team for the past several months and are proud to have an integrated product already in market,” said Aaron De Jong, movr CEO and Founder. “We are focused on scaling validated movement health solutions and look forward to bringing our full-service offering to existing and new partners together.”

Physmodo uses computer vision to deliver a quick, objective, automated and easily repeatable movement screen to quantify how the body moves. Its signature movement screen –  MVE® – is a single assessment that takes less than 30 seconds and doesn’t require a trainer to administer. Based on the results of the assessment, Physmodo draws from movr’s library of 300+ prescriptive exercises to recommend specific solutions to improve any deficiencies a user may have.

“movr is best-in-class at providing customized protocols that improve movement. This partnership allows us to focus on our core offering: providing an objective, automated and high throughput movement screen,” said Andrew Menter, CEO of Physmodo. “Physmodo identifies where people move poorly, but we have been missing the ‘now what, so what?’ With movr’s evidence-based exercises to improve movement, we can now offer the market a comprehensive solution to identify and correct poor movement patterns.”

“The integration between movr and computer vision technologies is a no-brainer, but it has taken us years to build the algorithms and architecture to enable movement health as a service. This partnership is a great example of how quickly we can connect movr to any movement capture technology or product,” continued De Jong. “We are building into products that serve tactical, industrial health and large enterprises. We see these as the leading industries actively seeking solutions for MSK spend, missed workdays and general physical health optimization of their people, with a personalized approach.”

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