New MacBook Pro Review

It is true that lots of the new MacBook Pro review speaks highly of the new series. The new series has high-speed due to the Intel core I5 dual processor. The high-speed of 2.53GHZ make sure that you can well for your applications in a faster and more efficient way. The excellent Turbo Boost can maximize the speed for using multiple applications and at the same time reduce the power consumption to preserve battery life. It’s owns 4GB DDR3 RAM and a hard drive of the 500 GB storage. It’s eight times DVD/CD drive can ensure enough document room and make it possible to playing DVD and CD at the same time. Its inbuilt Gigabit Ethernet enables faster wired net working. Besides all of these, two USB 2.0 ports, built-in iSight camera, FireWire, Digital card slot, Wi-Fi used for wireless Bluetooth, and the 15 inch backlit LCD screen of high-resolution make the new MacBook Pro an amazing product.

Just the same as the MacBook pro review says, this laptop has high quality of video as well as all the other Apple products thanks to the Intel HD Graphics processor and Geforce GT300. The NVIDIA GT300 has automatic graphic switches to change between the optimal performances with the supporting from a Graphics memory of 256MB. Along with the widescreen of 15 inch, MacBook pro can create a real home theatre for you. Different graphic cards of this great laptop can work on different workload. The NVIDA works for heavy graphic processing workloads and the Intel HD graphics works for the light part.

MacBook pro review talks a lot about the powerful Mac OS X. this Snow Leopard operating system can offer the fastest processing speed and friendly feelings for users. One other thing that needs to be mentioned is the long battery life of this laptop. It can works for users for as long as 5 years. For one charge, it can last up to eight hours for general usage. A considerate feature of battery is that it is built-in without adding too much extra weight or thickness to the computer. The battery can hold 80% of its original capacity even after ten thousand times of charges.

The aluminum and gorgers surface of the laptop is what most MacBook pro review praises. The amazing design of exterior surface is also one of the reasons why Apple products attract so many fans all around the world. If you are in need of a MacBook pro, Apple official site can provide detailed information of the configuration, while MacBook pro review can show you the most honest feedback of its usage.