Successful IT Infrastructure Convergence For Healthcare Sector Through Managed Network Services

Healthcare industry is associated with intricate communication systems, life safety and monitoring applications such as fire alarms, nurse call systems and doctor paging systems that require dedicated infrastructures for operation due to their life safety implications. As a result of which, management and maintenance of such systems becomes a big hassle. What could serve to be the biggest solution other than a managed network services provider? Let your applications be in control of a managed network services provider, while you can concentrate on providing better healthcare to your patients.

Evolution of technology has lead to great enhancements to the clinical systems for smooth and efficient healthcare delivery processes, including picture archiving and communications systems, computer-based doctor order entry systems, real-time locating systems, clinical decision-support systems, interactive patient entertainment services, electronic medical records systems and patient management systems. All these systems are managed individually by the corresponding providers or sometimes the internal IT and network management teams. Think how convenient it will be when you see the entire set of applications and systems running on a single platform, while having one point of contact for each and every concern you might have.

A managed network services provider handles everything including the bandwidth consumption, avoiding downtime of applications, installation & troubleshooting the applications, updating & upgrading the applications and everything else associated with your organization to run a smooth operations cycle. A managed network services provider provides an IP-based Ethernet network with optimal performance for IT infrastructure convergence, while providing an integrated platform for real time monitoring and control of data, voice, video and other multimedia applications. As a result of integrated platform by a managed network provider, a healthcare organization can not only enjoy smooth operations but also a standard based industry compliant platform that facilitates the integration of new patient care applications making the entire system highly scalable.

Another big advantage lies for mobile care givers as they are able to execute a simple yet efficient process by accessing a single platform and making use of all applications without any interruption. Bigger hospitals / healthcare organizations are also looking to plan video conferencing and tell medicine which require data-intensive applications including digital image transfers, x-rays, consultations and other diagnostic imaging technologies. All this requires a non-interrupting, 100% stable communication platform that can be provided by a managed network services provider. Last but not the least outsourcing healthcare network management reduces the overall cost of operation and administration, while proving to the perfect return on investment.