This Chainsaw Build PC case looks gnarly as hell

There are so many different options when it comes to PC cases, in lots of different form factors. Whether you’re building a full-tower (opens in new tab), middie (opens in new tab), or even a mini-ITX case (opens in new tab), there’s plenty to choose from (opens in new tab). Despite this, most of the cases on the market are still aesthetically pretty similar, consisting of tower designs focused on fitting into a space and keeping things cool. They’re usually practical monoliths rather than particularly interesting looking pieces of tech.

This is where the custom modding scene comes in. There are amazing cases out there being made by individuals or smaller companies who aren’t looking for that huge market share, and instead specialise in niche creations. That’s when you get things like these Commodore 64-styled cases (opens in new tab), or just a straight up chainsaw.

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