We used Prime Day PC deals to build a 1440p AMD rig for

While the primary focus of the Prime Day PC deals is no doubt going to be on the prebuilt machines, we’re also seeing some aggressive rates on components of all types, too. What’s more, we’ve used our building and deal-hunting experience to bring you a machine that’s significantly more capable than what you’ll typically find at this rate. 

We’ve opted for an all-in AMD machine, as the current-generation Ryzen 7 CPU, armed with 8-cores (16 threads) and the Radeon RX 6600 GPU are a good combo for keeping up with today’s titles in 1440p for less. Generally speaking, prebuilt rigs at this price will opt for the weaker alliance of the Ryzen 5 processor, usually the still stellar 5600X, and the RX 6500 XT; the latter falling short of what the graphics card in our build can do here. That’s what makes this configuration stand out, as it’s a simple case of getting much more out of this build for less today.