Why Should You Be Nice to Your IT Technician?

If there is one reason as to why you should always be nice to an IT technician in your company, it is that he or she has the capability and capacity to see all that is going on in your computer system if he or she so wishes to do so. To say the truth, there is nothing like privacy when it comes to working on net work or work computers. Even that laptop computer you purchased the other day for your private computing when connected to a company’s network, it is no longer private – everything you do on it can be observed by a knowledgeable IT technician.

Apart from this, these professionals can actually check and see any website you visited outside the permitted sites, every email that you sent over the internet, the installed software, in additional to all saved documents in your computer hard disk.

For instance, if a certain investigation mission has been sanctioned by the bosses, there is little the file originator could do to prevent it from being accessed by snoopy IT technicians; in fact, they can access the information even before it has reached its recipients, thereby spilling the beans in advance. However, there are several things you can do to make it harder for unscrupulous IT technicians from carrying out these unauthorized snoops.

Utilize the available encryption technology and encrypt a segment of your computer’s hard drive or sensitive files so that if anyone wants to access the said files or any other sensitive data, he or she will have to input an accessing password. However, check your company’s IT policies before encrypting the said hard drive as you may have just performed or want to perform a disallowed action. Basically, the information technology policies in a given organization clearly outline how data can be encrypted so that it could be accessed if a password is forgotten by the user. A master password has to be secured, though it should not be availed or accessible to low level IT technicians in a said organization.

Another way of making information in question private is to clearing the browsers’ history. Although, this will not prevent higher level IT technicians from accessing and seeing where you browsed while on the internet, it makes it pretty hard for a lower level IT technicians to do so, thereby your private or sensitive data is likely to stay private and where it is supposed to be, or to whom it is supposed to be sent to.

It is quite helpful to be conscious about your email subject lines. When any given IT technician in an organization is carrying out an email troubleshooting task, it is quite common for email subject lines to pop up on his or her system. To try and curb his or her curiosity, try to keep the email subject lines as bland as you could possibly be able to.

Nowadays, it is common for technicians to be bound to confidentiality and ethical agreements, before they could get hired in most organizations. All in all, effective IT department and its staff is normally concerned with ensuring that a said computer systems is working as is expected, in addition to troubleshooting and consequently correcting IT problems as they come and in a quick and efficient manner.